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Bridal makeup artist in chennai

The best bridal makeup artist in chennai is vijay.He is a professional  makeup artist in chennai.He is the senior most makeup artist in chennai.He is a trend maker in bridal makeup service.His passion for makeup grows everyday with new makeup techniques and products that are available in the international market.He sets the benchmark for all makeup artists.

He is the ace makeup artist available in chennai.He is a source of the inspiration to most of the makeup artists available in chennai.His team consists of young and creative junior makeup artists who are very  talented and creative persons who will give their best effort to showcase the your beauty which was not explored by their parents.
Mr.vijay creates sensation in the society with his art of makeup.His style is so unique that no can copycat his style.Because he is in this bridal makeup service for very long time from his very young age.He has been providing this service since 1998.He is a sincere and dedicated makeup artist available in chennai.His life time goal is to receive an oscar for his makeup.He worked with many stalwarts of southern movie industry like RajiniKanth,Kamal Hassan and surya.

His bridal makeup artist service is the best in and around south india.He is one of the pride of chennai for being a great makeup artist.His career curve was started at 1998.His young age was so hard that he was a night mare.But his sheer perseverance and love toward his service  was so strong to do this bridal service.He has undergone many problems that made him a class apart from rest of the other makeup artists.

After a stage,he is now the most sought after makeup artist in southern india.His learning curve was so steep that no other makeup can trekk his career mountain.He has been the best assistant for an ace makeup artist in India who did makeup for miss.India competition. Mr. Vijay has catered to most to the top most actors and actresses.

His experience has earned him respect.His makeup style is a signatorial one in the bridal makeup service.Other makeup artist clearly understand that this makeup was done by mr.vijay has a inborn talent to make others beauty to enhances their beauty.Makeup should never be used to hide yourself , It should be used to enhance your beauty

He is the most trended and rated  makeup artist in chennai.His objective is to do makeup for atleast 1000 marriages.His is a customer friendly makeup artist in chennai.With his 18+ years of makuep experience in southern india,he knows makeup for all the southern traditions and cultures.

He is an expert in the wedding makeup Because this is where he can showcase his talent and creativity.He is seen as the one of the trend setter in bridal  makeup artist service in and around South india.He was admired by his makeup service by many of the stal warts in southern india movie industry.

With his 18+ years of experience,he has earned the name of best and most popular makeup artist in chennai.He is seen as one of the main pillar in the building called  southern cine industry.He has made the makeup for many of the legendary actresses like Trisha and Nayanthara.

He has been a part of many of the blockbuster movie hits like O kathal kanmani and Ezham arivu as a makeup artist.He has a dedicated team for his makeup service who has been a part of these successful film projects.He is a pride of chennaitties as his work base is in and around in chennai.

He covers through out south india and foreign like malaysia .He also has international clients in malaysia and singapore.He is seen as the trend setter in international level. He has a huge client base.
Makeup is an art:
He sees makeup is not just like painting.He sees it as glorifying the beauty one already  posses .He is the only makeup artist who has serviced too many bridal makeup.
He is a champion in his service.He is the key person for the change of trend in makeup.he is sincere,hard working and dedicated towards markup service by giving his cent percent effort to do the best.
His skill is so strong which can carry the pride of your family,culture and finally the dream of your family.He is the A1 makeup artist in Tamil nadu.He treats others makeup artist as brothers and not his competitor.Thats where he scores over other professional makeup artist.His professional ethics is good and highly respectable one.

His main objective in the makeup is to fully satisfy the customer, the secret behind why people call him Best bridal makeup artist in chennai vijay.
one of the comment by bridal mkeup artist vijay's customer
"Unga mathiri yaarum enna make up panna mudiyathu anna
Malaysia la ellam makeup artists samma mokka anna"

-Norahs samoht

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Bridal Makeup Artist Portfolio by Vijay

Bridal makeup artist vijay is the ace makeup artist in Chennai. His brushes touched the cheeks of
legendary actors like Rajinikanth, Kamal haasan, Trisha ,Nayanthara and upcoming actors like Harish
Bridal makeup artist vijay is the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai.He does makeup for all kind of
events.He provides services like bridal make up,ad promotions,Tv shows,school and college events. With his 20+ years of experience and with his passion to upgrade his makeup skills makes him the best bridal makeup artist in Chennai.He is  popular because of his expertise in bridal makeup.

His portfolio is one of the finely compiled portfolio’s in the city.It has many difference and variation for a particular style.He upgrades his makeup skills whenever there is a  trend in makeup is popular.He always says makeup is not just painting cosmetics in face,It is an art of glortifying a beautiful ladies as Princess of heavens in their important events of life like wedding.

To view portfolio: http://bridalmakeupartistvijay.com/bridalmakeupartistportfolio.php

To view Bridal gallery : http://bridalmakeupartistvijay.com/bridalmakeupartistbridal.php

To view movie and tv Shows gallery: http://bridalmakeupartistvijay.com/bridalmakeupartistmovies.php

To view Fashion show gallery: http://bridalmakeupartistvijay.com/bridalmakeupartistfashion.php

To view Event and party gallery: http://bridalmakeupartistvijay.com/bridalmakeupartistevent.php



Website: http://bridalmakeupartistvijay.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vijaymake.up

Googleplus: https://plus.google.com/109212290981468543048

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Best bridal makeup artist in chennai

Mr vijay-The best bridal makeup artist specialized in makeup he gain his talent from cine industry is experience was nearly 20 years in the field of bridal makeup services.
He almost work with all leading actors and actresses like Rajini sir, ulaganayagan Kamal,ultimate
ajith and ilaya thalapathy vijay.He also did makeup forleading actresses like trisha for manmadhan anbu,Nayanthara for Aadavan,shruthi haasan for three movie.

His bridal makeup services was lighted up by Mrs.Poornima bhagyaraj.Mr vijay is a familier and recognizable for his Bridal makeup which became his surname,Bridal Makeup artist Vijay.His schedule is almost full.His makeup  startgies and work ethics are impressive.He personally ask your feedback.

He is also doing the Free trail shoot to get the customer's opinion and to have a clear idea about their looks during the wedding.By this approach,he makes the customer's  satisfied on thier wedding
occasion.Because of this approach,the bridal makeup artist vijay became famous in his customer circle.

Mr vijay -The best bridal makeup artist provides the services for Bridal makeup,cine makeup,Fashion show events,party makeup,school and college events  

For bridal makeup free trail makeup call:91-8015777886
General Service website:www.bridalmakeupartistvijay.com
for bridal makeup artist login to :www.bridalmakeupartistainchennai.com

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Bridal makeup artist in chennai

Hi all,
I am bridalmakeupvijay (8015777886).
Bride:Miss.Abi Bridegroom:Harish
Posted:5 months back Venue:Trissur,Kerala
Vijay-best bridal makeup artist,did the bridal makeup for Miss.Abi who is going to be Mrs.Harish.Mr.Harish is one of the popular actor in Tamil cine industry.He has acted in Koripalayam,Vethu vettu,Kathal 2016 and many waiting for release
Abi is a skin specialist doctor.She thanked personally to the bridal makeup artist.For using high quality bridal makeup products.
His work ethics were good and impressive.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bridal makeup artist in chennai

Hi friends,
 I am vijay,the best bridal makeup artist in chennai.I am providing bridal makeup service in and around in chennai.I do make up for  wedding,TV shows,fashion shows,Ad promotions,school and college events.I am popular in whole Southern India for all the good reasons  .I am popular for my bridal makeup service.I already made makeup for 1000+ marriages in a span of 17 years experience.

 Bridal makeup artist vijay,
 Phone number:8015777886

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Experience with actor suriya

I worked with one of the top heroes in kollywood,actor Suriya for the film Elam arivu which was a block buster hit in Tamilnadu,Kerala and Andhra pradesh.He was kind and generous with me.I was bit nervous and shy to approach him in the beginning.But after the make up,he appreciated me for his makeup.

Beauty ingrients for face

The following natural products can be used alone or in combination for their varied skin care properties:
  • Honey: Honey has been used for centuries for its astringent and moisturizing properties.
  • Citrus Juices: Lemon, orange, and tomato juices are naturally astringent and useful for cleansing oily skin.
  • Oils: Olive, almond, and grape seed oils possess deep moisturizing and softening properties.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Many fruits and vegetables are beneficial to the skin, whether eaten or applied directly to the face. Avocados, cucumbers, lemons, tomatoes, and even potatoes all have their place in a skin care regimen.
  • Egg: Egg is a wonderful skin conditioner. The white is an excellent addition to masks and is beneficial to oily skin, while the yolk enriches dry skin.
  • Yogurt: Plain, preferably organic, yogurt is a mild skin cleanser.
  • Oatmeal: Gently abrasive oatmeal exfoliates naturally, rejuvenating skin without harming sensitive tissues. It also has astringent properties.
  • Milk and Cream: soothing and mild, milk and cream are excellent choices for homemade cleansers.
  • Papaya: Papaya contains the enzyme papain, which exfoliates naturally. Papaya also serves as an astringent.
  • Almonds: Whether crushed or in oil form, almonds are known for their deeply moisturizing properties. Almond oil is a time-honored remedy for dark under eye circles.                                                                                                                                                         courtesy:http://homemadebeautytips.net